Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blogging Principle (Rukun Ber Blog)

Blogger is the one who created the post or article to read by the readers. Blogger sometimes an individual person, sometimes a group, sometimes a company, and etc... They has been increase day by day, they come in much to count from this world...

Topic / Article
Topic or post is the most important, various type of article out there. No post in your blog, so there was no blog right there Agreed??. If there no article, then what can the readers be? Yes most all the topic have been covered by the blogger...Most all the topic have been cover, sometimes the topic was repeated by all the blogger.

Readers is the person who read our article? if there no readers, so what for our article are..our article is to the people who was interested to read. Isn't it logic? so again you all agreed right? sometimes readers are also a blogger, various type of readers out there..

Followers are the person keep on reading our article day by day, they love our article, then follow our blog sincerely without duress/forced by the blogger. heheee the followers also have a various type here. some followers are sincerely, some are not because of several cause that cannot escape from that.

Detail of those categories will be post latter. Keep on Following Is there anyone disagreed either one of that? or is there anyone out there want to add some point? feel free to comment. Then came out and shout. 



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