Friday, July 22, 2011

The Way You Are...


Write with passion, don't force yourself to write if you have no idea, make you writing as a hobbies. because you will love doing your hobby right? be passion, not all your writing will be love by the readers, so make sure your writing did not hurt anyone, or else your blog will be ban by others..

When we write with passion, it's spread all around, not to everyone's likening. Write for a Long Run.
Update regularly your post..Post something that you also like to, don't post something that you don't like, it will make others don't like that also. so be careful. when you update your post regularly, your blog will alive. because all the readers will interested to read something new on you blog..

Use photo for every post you make. Photo is the best attraction to the readers. The fact is, people will be attract to the picture with various color, isn't it?? Yes Yes it's..what ever photo you put will make your blog colorful and beautiful. Unlike the article with no photo, only writing with a long paragraph. Readers will get bored to read without picture.

Be creative in writing, don't just write with no knowledge. Write something new every time you post. Write with a nice word, understanding word, clear word and the  most important is write short, but full of massage. There are all the readers want in your blog actually. So don't mess your blog with a nonsense article. Try think creative.


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